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Incidental retrovesical tumor in a 50 year old man.

Nasser Shakhssalim - Hossein Kilani - Mohammad Ali Ghaed

Case Presentation

The patient was a 50 year old man presented with incidental retrovesical solid mass had been found in routine check up ultrasonography. He had no urinry symptoms, hematuria, gastrointestinal signs and weight lossor other paraneoplastic findings. He had  no previous surgery and significant morbidity in past medical history.

Laboratory findigs including complete blood count, biochemisry, liver function test and ESR were normal.





Chest X-ray


There was no abnormality in ches X-ray.


Surgical procedure

The patient underwent badder tumor resection using open surgery with low midline incision. The tumor was enoculated and the bladder wall reapproximated using vicryl sutures.



Final pathology

Final pathology revealed bladder leiomyoma and the IHC confirmed the diagnosis.





Edited by : M. Ali Ghaed - M. Hossein Soltani

( Sep -2010)

Submission: 1/23/2011, Modified: 1/29/2011