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About kidney transplantation of the center of excellence in urology in Iran.

With more than 3400 kidney transplantation since 1985, the kidney transplantation center at Shahid Labbafinejad medical center is the leading kidney transplantation center in Iran and middle East. This center is approved for training kidney transplant fellows nationally and is also one of the official centers approved by MESOT (Middle East Society for Organ Transplantation) for fellowship training. This center is one of the leading centers for living unrelated kidney transplanttion in the world (over 3000 cases since 1987). This is done only as citizen transplantation. This center is also a leading center in laparoscopic donor nephrectomy (LDN) by doing over 1300 LDN. First randomized study comparing LDN and open donor nephrectomy (ODN) in the world is done at this center winning "the best laparoscopic papre" award 22nd congress of endourology society (BJU int. 2005. 95. 851-855).

  • 1985- First kidney transplant (alive with functioning graft)
  • 1987- First unrelated living kidny transplant
  • 1987- First pediatric kidney transplant
  • 2000- First cadaver kidney transplant
  • 2001- First laparoscopic donor nephrectomy
  • 1986- First fellow trained in transpanted surgery

More than 470 kidney transplantations are done in children. A large experience is achieved by doing transplantation in patients with urologic disorders (transplantation on patients with enterocystoplasty; over 51 cases).

Cadaver transplantation has started in recent years and is increasing steadily. 166 case are done since 1987 which the brain death law was passed in the parliament.

Kidney Transplantation department of Shahid Labbafinejad Medical Center (IURTC) was elected as one of the ten major kidney transplantation centers outside the US according to the statistics of clinical transplantation book (2010) published by Terasaki Foundation Laboratory.



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Video: Technical aspects of kidney transplantation: Experience with 3400 cases


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